Crafting user stories and product recommendations using AI

Impactful Features

PM Scribe has an artificial intelligence system designed to help Product Managers, Scrum Master, Front-End Designers, Software and Data Engineers quickly and effectively write product requirements to build the next generation of innovative products. Here are a few features you're going to love!

Customized User Stories

The service provides different types of user stories based on your engineering needs. These are front-end, backend, and data engineering business stories by using base business requirements.

Acceptance Criteria Generation

Solidified requirements for expanding current user stories are generated by user stories.

PRFAQ Generation

Genereate a well-crafted press release or FAQ document to announce the launch of a new product or feature.

Productivity Booster

Product Managers and Scrum Masters can save a significant amount of time having AI generate user stories, acceptance criteria, and more.

Missing Components

The service will analyze your product requirements document and providing missing components or logic flaws.

Low Cost, High Impact

For less than a cup of coffee, PM Scribe generates effective product requirement information.

PM Scribe Monthly


Paying monthly at $5/month is a great option if you only need the service occasionally or prefer a flexible payment option that you can cancel anytime. This option is ideal for individuals seeking a cost-effective way to get product document requirements.

  • 14-day free trial
  • Generate User Stories
  • Write Acceptance Criteria
  • PRFAQ Announcements
  • Ideate Future Iterations
  • Run Competitive Analysis
  • Become immediately more productive
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PM Scribe Annual


Paying annually at $50/year is a great option if you need the service on a regular basis. With this option, you save money compared to paying monthly, and have access to the service for an entire year. This option is ideal for product managers, scrum masters, and those who write user stories or product requirement documents often.

  • 14-day free trial
  • All of the features of Monthly
  • 12 months for the price of 10
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